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Industry: Internet and Streaming Media

Founded: 2014

Fire your cable company! No more paying to watch TV. No more missing a show.

Meet CloudAtenna! The world’s first system that combines a TV antenna and the cloud. Watch, pause and record Live TV, never miss a show.

Play anywhere, anytime in your home, from your backyard, and on vacation too.

Finally, TV that works.

Save Money. Watch More. Pay Less.

The Cable Alternative. Stop paying for FREE TV - you can get a wide selection of top channels via broadcast TV and it’s FREE.

Like most people, you keep paying for TV that your never watch. With, you get the best TV with personal recommendation for the shows you want to watch and record.

Tune in. Record. Watch Whenever.
Tune in live TV and set recordings of your TV channels, no special recording hardware required to record, never run out of space, never again miss your favorite shows. Play it anytime later.

Missed your favorite show? No more! Records your favorite show, just program what you like to watch. 11 pm, 10 am, 4 am, no worries, we got your back and record on your schedule in the cloud.

Anytime. Anywhere. Automatically.

Just open the application on your favorite device and start watching, at home, in your office, on vacation, anywhere you go.

When you record your favorite TV show, you don’t have to look for it or download it over and over to enjoy it on multiple devices. takes care of everything for you instantly. Simply. Just like that.

Easy. Set up. Manage.
Your CloudAntenna simply connects to your existing network and HD or satellite antenna. Then just download the app and it will instantly recognize your CloudAntenna and prompt you to create your own TV service with name and password. Additional CloudAntenna just need power from a standard wall outlet. You place it around your home with the help of the app for the best reception.

Whether you are on your Smart TV, Bluray, Media player, Smartphone, PC, Mac, getting started is simple. In just a few quick steps your CloudAntenna will be connected to service and you can start watching.